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Robust Backup & Recovery

Automated Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Encrypted, Incremental Daily Backups to secure cloud storage on AWS, GCP, or Azure


Accurate Recovery

99.99% accurate recovery using the same folders hierarchy.


Deletion Control

Lost & Found folder informs you what files were deleted.


Local Downloads

Download backed up data from your SpinOne account to any device.


Domain-to-Domain Migration

Four types of data migration from one account to another one.


Version Control

Every version of your document is under your control.


Fast Search

Fast, easy search for your backed-up items to help you recover lost data immediately.


Advanced Reports

Weekly and monthly reports are available to monitor data loss protection status

What makes us different

Version Control – Our backup is not just the usual file backup, we actually create a snapshot backup. Every version of your document is under your control with our solution.

Meta data – We store the data that is needed to restore the sharing permissions, folder hierarchy, file placement, and more.

Data storage location – We allow you to choose between the top 3 most trusted storage providers in the world. We do not force you to use our storage.

99.99% SLA for Restore - We guarantee 99.99% SLA for the restoration of 99.99% of all data that is backup up successfully by our platform.

Performance Speed – We use the latest API that allows up to have the fastest possible backup and recovery speeds.

Alpha Omega Technical Services IT Managed Service Provider
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